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regency_awards's Journal

The Regency Awards
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Here is an icon contest community dedicated to the Regency Period. In addition to all those men you love (Colin Firth, Alan Rickman!) challenges will vary from authors, poets, book covers, actors and anything else related to the regency period.

There are, however, a few rules:

1. No cheating. This means that you cannot steal an icon to use in the contest nor can you ask friends to vote for your icons. Any stealing and/or plagarism detected will result in being banned from the community.
2. Icons submitted must conform to the LJ standard - i.e. maximum size of 40k, maximum pixel size of 100x100.
3. Submitted icons must include the URL in addition to the icon itself. Make sure that you are able to link from the hosting site you use for your icons.
4. Insulting other people's icons is vulgar. Don't do it - such behaviour will not be tolerated.


If you want to affiliate, just comment here.


I need people to help me with this! If you want to be a co-moderator, banner maker or someone who just looks pretty, let me know! Spam me with comments! Tickle me until I say yes! You know the proceedure.